Text: 2012-2013 Bethune Journal!

Hey Bethune!

It’s a new school year, but despite the rumours, Bethune Journal is still up and running! 

For students who are interested in applying for this year, applications will be posted in front of the English Office tomorrow (Sept. 26). 

We’re going to redesign Bethune Journal and make it better than ever, so look forward to our upcoming issues! This means more interesting articles, more things to do, and a magazine-style format with a unique cover every month.

Stay loyal, faithful readers!

If you have any questions or suggestions, send us an Ask in our Ask box :).

Your 2012-2013 Editors,
Ken Chung & Quincy Ng 

PS: We noticed that you started turning to us for school information. Keep them coming! We’ll be happy to answer and questions (and search for any pictures) you have about Bethune! We’re reviving the blog as well :)

Text: The Words I Never Said.

My name is Arif Jaffer, I am a grade 12 student at Bethune, and an editor for the Journal. The last issue of the year doesn’t look like it will be printed, but it’ll be strong and good to go for next year. Before I graduate, I really wanted to share my experience over the last four years with you. Simply put this is me, sharing my experience with you.

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Text: PSR’s Eco-Friendly Fashion Show

    Colorful, flashing lights. Energetic dance music pumping through the speakers. Models strutting down the catwalk, showcasing the artistic works of the designers. Surprising musical acts that impressed all.

Welcome to PSR’s Eco-Friendly fashion show.

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Text: Too Much Justice

       At Dr. Norman Bethune Collegiate Institute, there might be too much social justice. In fact, there might be overwhelming amounts of social justice. 
PSR, Equity Alliance, Gay Straight Alliance, and Young Women on the Move are a couple of social justice clubs that exist today. Having such a large number of clubs for the general idea of “social justice” can be unnecessary. In 2011, Cancer Society ceased to exist. This year, two other social clubs died out as well. Go Local and Free the Children have joined the grave of clubs.

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Text: The Flu


“Cough cough!”

“Gross, cover your mouth!”

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Anonymous said: I need advice.

What bothers you? Send us a message with your question on our /ask. You’ll see our answers on our upcoming issue and we’ll post our responses up on this Tumblr very soon. :). Anything/anyone is welcome.

Anonymous said: can you please post the semi formal pictures? it's been awhile....

semi photos are up on facebook! we posted a link earlier


For the last issue of our journal, we will be having an advice column.

Anyone who wants advice can submit questions here

All questions can be submitted and answered anonymously!


2 weeks ago, the charity Invisible Children released a video talking about the world’s number one war criminal. Their goal was to make Joseph Kony famous, but not in the sense that we all believe. This viral video will give you better insight on who this man is, and why he’s so terrible.

The first batch of Semi pictures are up! This isn’t all of them, more of them will come around this week. 
Check out the album here

The first batch of Semi pictures are up! This isn’t all of them, more of them will come around this week. 

Check out the album here